A Prayer for Josh.

A friend of mine from IWU was in an accident this past week, evidently diving into water that was more shallow than expected. His name is Josh Buck. He’s a pastor in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His accident occurred in Mexico and he was lifelined to Miami where he’s currently in recovery.He had a crushed vertebrae and after a critical surgery yesterday is experiencing paralysis throughout his lowerbody.I beg of you to pray for Josh. He and I reconnected just 3 months ago when I was in Michigan at my friend Johnny V’s church. Josh and his brother in law Jason Grate both led worship for our event there.Pray for Josh and his wife Shelly. If you know their story, God has allowed them to experience WAY more tragedy than most. He must love them a bunch. But in my feeble attempts to understand how this could happen, I’m bankrupt. I’ve got nothing.More info and how you can support the Bucks is available at their church website:[Greenhouse Ministries](http://www.greenhouseministries.org)


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