Listen to Learn.

I was talking with Bill Reid via email this week, and told him I promised to write on my blog about the pitch I was sellin’ him.Podcasts. You know I’m into them. I dig listening to “audio on demand.” It’s like Tivo for Radio. BUT you get the selection of like, Satellite Radio.It’s SO great to be able to turn on some thought provoking content while out for a walk or ride.I listen mostly to sermons which are delivered live before the local crowd, then the recordings are uploaded to a server where I can subscribe to them to have them automagically appear on my iPod a day or two after they’re delivered.I realized something in the midst of my listening that I think is crucial. Never before in the history of the world, has an individual had so much access to current, relevant preaching for so little effort and expense, relatively speaking. I know that an iPod costs more than the annual per capita of some developing country households. But in our culture, and especially for our generation and younger , it’s seeming like more people have an iPod than don’t.For the record, you don’t even HAVE to have an iPod to listen to Podcasts. You can listen on your computer, or even burn a CD of the content to take with you in the car or pop into your home stereo. Also, realize that Podcasts are more about the “delivery system” than the content itself. It’s about your computer KNOWING to go looking for updates to that “title” and automatically copying them off of that remote server to your local computer. That’s the convenience that has led to a phenomenon. Now, back to the content and it’s potential. I’ve been listening to at least 1 sometimes 3 or 4 sermons a weeks by way of podcast, BEYOND what I hear on Sunday at our church.You couldn’t have done that so easily a few years ago. I’m hearing from preachers all over the country and it’s really impacting my thinking, my yearning for God, how I actually live my life.So, I wanted to put a post up on my website that could encourage you to get in on the sweet preachin’ action, even if you don’t have an iPod. The only real requisite is that you have a decent internet connection.And there are MANY ways to accomplish this, but I’m taking the tried and true route here to explain to you how to get listening even yet today for that drive home.###Your Computer.1. Download and install [iTunes]( from Apple.2. Open iTunes and click on “iTunes Store” in the left hand pane3. With the iTunes Store open in the main window of iTunes, look for “Podcasts” on the left. 4. Browse the selections that iTunes has put up front, or if nothing catches your fancy, try clicking ‘Browse’ on the right, or searching for a particular church or personality by typing in the name in the search field in the upper right corner of iTunes itself.5. You SHOULD see the “Downloads” icon pop up under “iTunes Store” in the left hand pane of iTunes.Also, if you look above that under “Library” you’ll see the “Podcasts” category. This will reveal any subscriptions that you have chosen. Also, when they’re done downloading , you’ll be able to select the title and listen to it right here, on your computer (if you have speakers or headphones). 6. IF YOU HAVE AN iPod, but haven’t been using it to listen to Podcasts, you’ll have to configure the preferences for it in iTunes>Preferences, and also on the iPod itself, which you can do from iTunes if you have it plugged in.7. If you DON’T have an iPod, but you DO have a blank CD, you can create a playlist in iTunes with your newly downloaded Podcasts, and burn away…I’m presuming you know how to do that or can figure it out on your own.###The Goods.Okay…now that the geeky stuff is over with, let me make a few suggestions for your listening pleasure:####[Mars Hill Bible Church – Grand Rapids, Michigan](…)Featuring the teaching of Rob Bell, this is definitely my favorite Podcast. If you haven’t read Rob’s [“Velvet Elvis,”](…) I emplore you to do so…it’s a wonderful book.####[Imago Dei](…)Featuring Rick McKinley, pastor to [Don Miller](…)####[Mosaic](…)Featuring Erwin McManus, author of [The Barbarian Way](…). I don’t listen to this one all that often, but I’m going to give you several options for solid infectious teaching from the Word, and this definitely qualifies…but only if I get through the above two first.####[Pathways CHurch](…)Lastly…I have to plug our own church. The bulk of the teaching is split between our teaching team, and I figured you just might be curious to learn more about where we go to church now.Well, I hope that’s helpful. Leave a comment if I’ve forgotten something or left you in the middle, confused and bewildered. And write back so perhaps if we’re listening to the same content, we can start some discussion. OR if you have some Podcasts to share, please let me know!


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