Back Home Again, In Indiana.

I’m sitting at the Comfort Suites hotel on the northside of Marion, Indiana. Kim and I have been touring the midwest for the past 2 weeks, working on connecting with ministry partners, presenting to potential partners, and catching up with family and friends.When Kim suggested we get a hotel for our evening in Marion, I knew I had married a genius! I knew well before that, but the notion of us intentionally pressing pause and having a place to stay tonight that gave us a bit of a haven from the “road life” we’ve been living the past two weeks was just TOO tempting to pass up.It’s been an interesting trip. As usual, expectations don’t match up with reality. And it’s not a disappointment at all, it’s just to say that what we’ve pre-visualized for this fund-raising trip and what it’s turned out to be haven’t lined up. We’ve been PLEASANTLY surprised in a few instances, in fact.There’s just something amazing about how God has called us to this faith journey in working with Kingdom Building Ministries, and how Kim and I go about sharing that sense of calling with others. I feel STRONGLY about the potential that KBM has to help the church, help summer camps, help others REALIZE FULLY the weight of God’s love upon them. And it’s just not difficult for me to be enthusiastic about that with the folks we meet with. I’ve SEEN the value in this small band of dedicated individuals at KBM’s home office AND in those itinerant speakers in the field. And I understand how even MORE people stand to gain MORE OF HIM–not more of us, as long as we keep on keepin’ on.Dave Ward and Johnny V (two KBM itinerants) came back from a camp in Georgia in July and brought back some amazing stories about the decisions kids AND adults who were working at the camp made in their desires to follow Jesus more closely.If you’re interested in getting a taste of what that was like, I’ve put some footage together in a video you can download. It’s a LARGE file (23mb) but a high quality clip, and it REALLY captures what CAN happen at an event we send a speaker to:[KBM Video]( may need QuickTime to see it if you don’t have it installed. ( I should probably tell you about the website we’re launching for our latest book, “Plan A”You can check it out at:[Plan A Connection]( you for your prayers, and if I may ask — PLEASE keep praying that God will show us the right people to talk to about partnering with us financially as we desire to move our support level from the current 60% to the full 100%.Peace & Blessings…Eric


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