Man In Motion.


Originally uploaded by Eric Nentrup.

Today, we had the students from The Laborer’s Institute over for lunch and afterwards we went bowling. What a great time. And don’t I look STUNNING in this picture as I’m about to roll a strike. In actuality, I likely was about to lob a gutter-grenade in this attempt.

I hurled one gutter ball hard enough today that I got it to bounce off the back of the lane, and come back and knock 4 or 5 pins over! Really.

Kim and I had SUCH a great time with the students and interns today. It’s a BLESSING to be a part of their process out here at KBM, and one I anticipated a bit, but am enjoying them that much more.

Beats the heck outta dealing with crashed harddrives and other technical stuff I’ve had to deal with lately. It’s ALL about relationships here at KBM, and The Laborer’s Institute puts that in sharp focus, I’m learning. Not just for the students, but for us staff members who get to be connected with them while they’re here.

You can check in more on what they’re process has been like at the [TLI eJournal]( Amy has done a great job documenting the journey and keeping a dedicated flickr album of pictures.

They leave in ONE WEEK to spend a month in short term missions in Brazil. It’ll be exciting to hear what God does in their hearts and in the lives of those they touch in South America.

Pause and pray for them right now, If I may ask. Just a fast but sincere request for God’s blessing, and His guidance on these fantastic young adults who’ve worked so hard to get here, to learn and to commit to service, all for the sake of the good news of Jesus.

Great stuff!


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