Apparently My Site is Boring.

Our dearly talented brother, Josh Brunet evidently needed me to drag him into the spotlight this morning, because he left such a disruptive comment recently, “Your site is boring…you don’t talk to us anymore.”And for that I am truly sorry.The short of it?That’s hopefully about to change now that I have internet at home and we’re settling into our roles at KBM in Colorado.The long of it? I haven’t the brain cells or the calories to spare in order to type an explanation. Or an excuse. And I’d gather that no reader would have the stamina or oppressive ennui in his own life to necessitate such masochistic behavior as to read the drama I would implicate as my culpable rationale for jilting the faithful followers and subscribers of that in your Wordly Wise pipe and toke it up.But Josh’s words have been heard and I’ll try to reciprocate. In fact, my gut needs it. I was thinking this morning about my need to write. And what I have to share.I see your queen Josh. Let me get out the cardstock and markers and in JUST A LITTLE BIT, I’ll toss a king on the table.


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