Me & My Papaw.

Papaw Dwight & 1-Year-Old Eric…both in corduroy.
Photo by Trent Nentrup, Approx. 1977

I’m writing from my Grandparent’s dining room table. I’m here because my Grandpa isn’t doing so well. To be honest, he’s nearing the end of his life. He just celebrated 75 years, and did so in the midst of a bout with cancer that will take him sooner than later.Kim has taken my Grandma on some errand-running, and I set up shop at this table to try to get some work done for clients. But the particular work is hard for me to dive into right now for both obvious, and not-so-obvious reasons. So I thought I’d try using my blog intentionally as a journal for a while to sort through and define my work these days–which can take a number of forms from a number of roles.Let me tell you a bit more about my Grandpa. First of all, I have the honor of bestowing upon him, in practice, the moniker of “Papaw.” I can’t claim that I CHOSE that nickname for him, for I was a wee lad at the time, but I’ve always known him as Papaw. His name is Everett Dwight Percifield, and he goes by Dwight. Interestingly enough, my Grandma (whom I have called for 30 years “Mamaw”) is Marilyn Maxine Percifield. She goes by Maxine. I’ve never met another couple whom both use their middle names as their first.They are my mother, Jan’s parents. I spent many-an-hour at their house as a child. They lived outside of town, or “in the country” as I said as boy. When in fact, they lived 20 yards from a state highway which claimed the lives of no less than 32 cats, 8 dogs, and as far as I know, a multitude of other pets and farm animals. We passed that house this morning on our way here. I only recently learned that they had tripled the size of that house by adding on over 30 years ago. My mom and uncle Steve grew up in that house, and my grandpa had also spent his entire life there. But as my grandparent’s age has caught up with them, they sold the house and adjoining property a couple years ago, moving into Columbus (Indiana) where they now live in an easier to manage house, closer to the stores, doctors, and other frequently visited places.Here, I’m clicking away on my computer…glancing into the living room as Papaw naps, making sure he doesn’t need anything. I’ve checked at least a half-dozen times to see if any of the neighbors have an open Wi-Fi signal so I can get online and post this entry, check my email, and blitz some time away skipping around the internet. But they don’t. I’ll have to wait until I get to a coffee shop or elsewhere to do so. It’s funny–the past couple of months in particular, I’ve realized that with a well-equipped laptop, a cell phone, and broadband access, I can work practically anywhere.So, I’m thinking we might have to try and work here as much as possible in the weeks ahead.I don’t intend on recording morose detail of Papaw’s illness. But I do think I’ll keep talking here. So, prayers for my family right now are greatly appreciated.More soon…


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