We’re Moving!


moving day
Originally uploaded by Eric Nentrup.

For those of you who faithfully check EricNentrup.com on a daily basis….I apologize. I have YET to strike the sophisticated balance between client work (for paying the present bills), Ministry Partnership work (raising our support to pay the FUTURE bills in Denver!) and having time left over to write regularly on my blog.

I yearn for it. Do you? Just kidding. But I do feel the pang of WANTING to write. I have a handful of threads I’d like to tug on very soon. But the next week is ALL ABOUT our move.

NEWS: We’re moving in with my parents on Oct.29th and will finish out 2005 with them. I am very grateful that they’d take us in for this holiday season.

Then after Christmas, we hope (God-Willing) to have hit our support-raising goals and be free to move to Colorado to begin service with Kingdom Building Ministries!

We’re FERVENTLY seeking partners and would love to share with ANYONE reading our blogs who currently is able to take a step of faith in pledging their support. Please write me back offline (eric@ericnentrup.com) if you would be so bold as to step forward.

Thanks a million and I’ll be back really soon!


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