"Eric’s Great Awakening"

A lot has changed for me and Kim in the past month or so. I have written the entire story here but won’t make you skim to the end to get the “goods.” The CRUX of the matter is:**Kim and I have decided to uproot and go to work full-time for [Kingdom Building Ministries](http://kbm.org) in Denver, Colorado!**We’re both looking to fill positions on staff and join the team. As we’ve been considering this, I’ve been asked “what are you going to do?” For me, it’s extending the reach of KBM by producing content in the form of DVD, CD, Web, and Print. I have a LOT to learn, but being able to focus all of my attention on ONE client’s MANY projects will be a shift! It’s just become VERY apparent as KBM has grown, that they’re in NEED of such materials, if they’re going to broaden their impact. Ultimately, the past 20 years has been EXCLUSIVELY experiential: others attend a talk of an Itinerant or attend The Laborer’s Institute–both of which are seasonal or short term sorts of involvement. And the things I’ll help produce will assist others in continuing their journey.Kim’s also joining on, though it’s not AS clear to what she’ll be doing specifically yet. We’re fairly certain now that it’s just a matter of her needing to have the proximity that I’ve been priviliged to as a vendor for KBM the past 5 years.Just this past weekend we attended “Ichthus 2005” with them in Wilmore, KY. KBM had 3 of their Itinerant Speakers at the event: Jeremy Kingsley, Dave Ward, and for the Saturday Night Keynote, Adrian Despres. It was a phenomenal experience, with both Kim and I being able to be up close and personal with the team. God worked through their talks to speak into the lives of a number of kids and adults. It’s funny–a former pastor of ours who’s at a different church now, sent a mass email (we’re on her list) giving a comprehensive report on how the entire event affected her youth AND the adult chaperones. MANY of her group made first time commitments to Christ — including adults!!! And she cited Adrian’s talk as the catalyst for those decisions.One ultimate thing I’ve needed to get honest with is that I don’t write PASSIONATELY on my site about filmmaking, screenwriting, Macintoshes, etc. The last 2 months plus has been about seeing that there is a VAST need for change in the church. And I’ve needed to own up to the fact that God wants me to be a part of it–specifically at KBM.KBM has been a client of mine for nearly 5 years now, and as some of you know, I’ve considered a move in their direction before. Well, the time is right, and so is my heart–finally. That story is what follows:


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