Afternoon Snack.

Feeling an obligation to keep this site current, I know I’ve procrastinated long enough. And though I’ve committed to myself to NOT post late at night when ANYTHING sounds profound, I feel the need to throw out a quick little thought because it explains a bit of why I haven’t been writing lately. And I hope this TIDES YOU OVER.Our good friend [Brother Maynard]( quoted a Leonard Sweet book on a recent post: >So far, I have this: in one sense, the story isn’t about Abraham at all, it’s about Isaac… or Israel. Rather than being about a man willing to sacrifice his son, it’s about a son who has perhaps done nothing wrong but is nonetheless about to be killed as an offering… and yet was spared when God intervened. And within the past couple weeks, I came across this quote from an unlikely source: >”What if you discovered that the least of the brethren of Jesus, the one who needs your love the most, the one you can help the most by loving, the one to whom your love will be most meaningful—what if you discovered that this least of the brethren of Jesus… is you?”–Carl JungAnd lately, what I’m coming to realize is that I’m NOT Abraham, but Isaac, and that I’m NOT the one helping but the one being helped.These thoughts encapsulate a sense of brokenness I’m experiencing right now even better than the full unabridged story on my mind.But I hope to share it as well soon. Stay tuned.


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