Free is good.

In this age of media piracy and other labels TRYING to compete with the runaway success of the iTunes Music Store for both mac AND window’s users, it’s easy to get excited about music again.But if you’re a bit thirsty for content, spending $0.99 per song at the iTMS can get expensive quickly. Wil Wheaton mentioned Comfort Stand in a recent blog and I have to give it a nod as well. It’s CHOCK FULL of songs to download. Lots of dance/trance stuff, but I’ve learned that’s kind of nice when you’re just in need of something to drone to while doing housework or other busy stuff in your office.I especially liked “Wakka Chikka” (devilish smile)Music can be downloaded as individual tracks or as a HUGE album file. My mac readin’ buddies need to make sure they have the LATEST version of Stuffit Expander if they want to open these files.And oh yeah….the music’s free.


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