A Poetic Start…

Well, I certainly do. There’s something pleasant about hearing the news from a different perspective or just realizing how nice it is to hear a pleasant human voice without the techno beat looping behind them.One of the gems of NPR, in my opinion, is Garrison Keilor’sThe Writer’s Almanac. He covers some literary history–usually famous birthdays and what that writer accomplished, often speaking beyond their publishing achievements to little known historical facts about the author. It’s always a digestible chunk of the humanities in the morning. Then he reads a poem for the day. And I don’t know about you, but I could use more poetry in my life. This is certainly a way to get it.I was quite glad this past week to discover that this 5 minute radio program has it’s own website now, and you can subscribe to it and receive it as text via email everyday. But the bee’s knees is that it comes with a link to a Real Media webcast of the production. So, now I have a new morning ritual. Sit down at my desk and while I’m settling in, click the link and relax to Keilor’s warm baritone voice. Give it a shot, you just might dig it yourself.And as only Garrison himself can say,”Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.®”


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