Pardon the Interruption…

Well, I’ve basically taken a hiatus from most things during the holidays, and now that it is officially New Year’s Eve, and I’d like to get a bit ahead, I thought it was time to throw a new post up on the old blog.How do you feel about email messages? I mean, are you an email person? I certainly am. I HATE the phone. I get calls and roll my eyes. Yes, I’ve rolled my eyes at YOU. Well, a few of you. But don’t get strung out about it. It’s the medium, not the message or the messenger. The damn phone drives me crazy because it’s PURE Pavlovian conditioning. The bell rings, we react. I feel email’s different because I can ignore it until I’m READY to respond to it. But, I’ve also learned that email can get my butt in trouble. I’ve pulled the trigger on an email in the not too distant past that I wrote late at night, didn’t re-read, and unintentionally offended someone I wouldn’t have had I been a bit more careful. Bad news. But it’s all fixed now.So, Check this out… Happy new year and I’ll catch up with you in the near future.


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