The Class of 1994, Revisted.

Saturday night, I attended my 10-year class reunion. Dovetailed with Thanksgiving, it made for not only a busy weekend, but one chock-full of food, drink, and more importantly, reminiscing.

So, the 1994 Class of graduates from both Columbus East & Columbus North converged upon the Holiday Inn for a night of “How’ve you been’s” and “So what do YOU do’s.” It was easy to get bored with yourself (if I speak for myself) as you repeated the spiel about career and whereabouts. But on the flip-side, I was THRILLED to talk with the handful of people I had time to connect with, and hear what journey’s they had been on in life.

Since the reunion, I’ve talked to some of my friends with whom I stay current, asking them what they thought of the whole thing and I think I can speak for them: The reunion left one feeling a short sense of satisfaction. And I don’t mean that as a criticism of those who planned it. I’m referring to having a 5, 10, or even 30 minute conversation you were able to have with someone you haven’t seen in a long while, only to feel like you didn’t spend enough time with that person, or that the evening was too short to have all the quality conversations with all the people that you wanted to connect with.

Yeah, I found it a bunch like the whole Chinese food adage: 2 hours later, you’re hungry again.

I mean, I found I had buddies I spent more time with in Jr. High than Sr. High, but now as an adult, wish we lived close enough to rekindle a friendship. And that short window of time at the reunion just wasn’t enough.

Those still with me, did you look across the room and see someone you recognized, and approached them, exchanged the cordial handshake/hug/(even a kiss???) hit the prerequisite small talk, then found yourself not knowing where to go from there? It happened to me often enough. It made me smile to rethink those semi-awkward moments.

I heard that the party moved down the street to “It’s All The Buzz” and closed that place down. Can’t imagine what stories lurk amidst that group!

So, props to the Merritt’s in particular and to all that helped them locally (Melissa, Shelly!). They pulled it off with flying colors–though competing with the DJ to have a decent conversation left me quite annoyed. Other than that, their copious amounts of Miller Lite kept things from getting too heavy (wink, wink) and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

To bad I have to wait until 2014.

Chime in, if you will….share your reflections on the night! And if you have pics, email them to me (eric(at)ericnentrup(dot)com) and I’ll get them assembled into a foto gallery for everyone to be able to share.


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