This DVD Rental Will Self-Destruct….

I just saw on the CBS Morning Show, Actor/Filmmaker Chazz Palminteri talking about his latest project, a film called “Noel.”It’s being released via, a new service that makes DISPOSABLE DVD rentals mailed to your door. Crazy. They actually begin to disintegrate in 48 hours. I love it. Now I can QUIT HATING AOL for their ridiculous amount of waste with their CD’s and transfer that angst to FlexPlay. Not really. I don’t get that bent out of shape about it. I just think it’s a strange business model NOW when we could POSSIBLY be near a “Video On Demand” breakthrough via ONE of several technologies.Anyhow, this qualifies for the “RANT” category, as I just don’t understand the notion to INTENTIONALLY create disposable stuff at a time when we are ALSO lobbying to recycle whatever we can. To their credit, they ARE recyclable, but at least in my tiny burgh, we’re still a ways off from the MASSES recycling most of their refuse.Being the torn soul I am, I’ll likely try it. Or watch–I’ll make a short film and seek distribution with them. I’ll get over it. And if I DO get one of their discs, it’s going in the recycle bin.Oh the days we’re livin’ in.


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