Still here.

Yes, I’m still alive. I haven’t written this past month and now that it’s August, it’s time to make an effort. July is an odd month. Last year, I was in Alaska for a week, Myrtle Beach for a week, and still managed to shoot a political campaign for the mayor, vet a few meetings with other clients, and visit my good friend Schuyler who was recovering from a freakish pulmonary infection. The latter of this list is the hinge-pin for this year.While visiting Schuyler in the hospital, he introduced me to the Tour De France. This year, I was ADDICTED to it. I mean, it controlled me this year. I LOVED every minute of it I could squeeze out of OLN’s broadcast or one of several websites. It was a thrill to follow Lance Armstrong to his record 6th win. Earlier this year, I read his book “Every Second Counts,” and became very interested in him as a person and a cyclist. So, starting in Denver for the prologue, and concluding in Dauphin Island, Alabama, I followed the Tour religiously.All this momentum has shifted my interest in riding for myself. This month, I started taking my mountain bike on road. I’ve done a couple of 20-milers already and LOVE it. I’m much more inclined to ride on the road for mileage than I ever was off road. Of course, I’m obsessed now with the idea of getting a road bike and have my eye on one. I of course want to see if I can work out a deal with a local bike shop again, but don’t know if I can get the deal done. We’ll see.So, starting in Denver for the prologue, and concluding in Dauphin Island, Alabama, I followed the Tour religiously. Yes, another busy July. And now that it’s August, I am pressed to boost my work load, get some projects finished, some other projects started, and look towards fall.


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