The Man, The Myth, The Blog…

Isn’t it funny how FINALLY, the net is accessible to any luddite, such as myself. I know, I know, I can hear most of my friends now saying, “Dude, you’re the geekiest guy I know!” And I must confess, I’m a poser. I have steered clear of web stuff until recently because I simply was too stubborn to learn. And quite frankly, it had to get easy/practical/accessible enough for me to bite the hook. That, and I needed to be able to do some of this stuff for my own satisfaction, peace of mind, etc. AND because I wanted to start to get paid for it as well. So, with my thankfulness to .Mac and the folks at Lifli Software, I’m going to upload my blog today. I’ll start to keep it, and hopefully, I’ll be as cool as Wil Wheaton someday. Though I have no intention of being a porn afficionado, or gamer in the manner he is.It’s GORGEOUS outside today, and I had been intending on going for a bike ride as a form of cross-training today. But the wind is relentless, and so I’m going to drink beer and read Blue Like Jazz instead. I might make it over to get a movie for the evening hours, and it’s definitely an Italian night.I heard a fine fine sermon this morning and was challenged by it’s content–to be more Christ-Like in my role as Husband. I think the idea of being Christ-like has changed DRAMATICALLY in the past 2 weeks. If one consider’s the Mel Gibson film which I have yet to see. I’ve experienced Secondhand Passion. That’d be a great name for an article!Okay. that’s enough to get the blog rolling.


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