Teaching Philosophy

I make a living as an educator by way of a previous career as a writer producer. I’d like to say I completely switched careers, but the reality is I’ve just added classroom management and education policy to what I was already doing before: figuring out the best way to tell a story to a particular audience so that they reach understanding. Like Johnny Carson allegedly told Steve Martin after his first stint on the Tonight Show, “you’ll use EVERYTHING.” I believe it’s true.

I am currently starting my fourth year as a full-time teacher, following a decade in another career field. Working alongside career educators, I have discovered a frequent lack of diversity in professional outlook and perspective I refer to as “teacher mind”. My prior experience serving clients from numerous fields has afforded me a broader understanding of the politics and human behavior that contribute to the culture of an organization. Additionally, I am frequently the only white guy in the room, teaching at an urban charter school. My students and parents have expanded my understanding of the trials and inequalities of a white dominant world.


(Yes. It’s in third person. This is for use in your event’s website).

When Eric Nentrup graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University in 1998, a career in education was never a thought. He spent his early career producing multimedia. In 2004, an education coalition hired him to produce a video which won them a significant grant. This introduced Eric to the community’s education leadership as well as to the field itself. He then began instructing continuing education courses, and a seed was planted. However, it wasn’t until 2008 that the entrepreneurial spirit of charter schools and project-based learning influenced his decision to switch careers. Earning his secondary teaching license while working at a charter high school, he has since graduated from Indiana University with a Master’s degree in education. Eric currently makes Indianapolis his home with his high school sweetheart, where he serves Indianapolis Metropolitan High School with his background in business and multimedia alongside a passion for well-designed education technology.


• ELA Instructor, Indianapolis Metropolitan High School, 2010-Present

• LearnZillion Dream Team 2013, 2012

• Indiana University School of Education: Master’s of Education

• Indiana Department of Education Secondary Teaching License in ELA and Social Studies

• Indiana Wesleyan University: Bachelor’s of Arts, Communication Arts


• Current classroom teacher

• Professional Development Facilitator (Education Technology)

• Public Speaking Consultant and Speech Writer

• Sales Pitch & Proposal Design and Delivery

• Guest Lecturer

• Speaker

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